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Nostalgic Oceanside Oregon Coast

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Nostalgic Oceanside Oregon Coast

Strolling by the vast nostalgic cinematic Oregon coast.

On a road trip through Oregon, I came upon this gorgeous spot where the ocean waves were tumultuously declaring it's love to the sand, repeatedly kissing the sand at different moments whereupon I noticed the love was being shared in tranquillity by a couple walking along the waterline on the beach. The mystical sky added to the vast distant mysterious ocean and colours. I rushed quickly to grab my Nikon and my 70-200 mm Nikkor VR IF-ED F2.8 lens and my Gitzo carbon fibre tripod from the trunk of my BMW Z4 roadster. I took a deep breath to capture and breathe the moment before carefully placing the couple at the point I wanted them in and snapped 3 shots. As I turned I saw yet another gorgeous moment which I will share in another photograph. Capturing landscapes is a moment of escape for me for the tranquillity and stillness is absolutely spiritual.

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