L'Atelier Gallerie Collective is a Fashion Nude Erotica Landscape & Architecture of International Awards Winner Master Celebrity Fashion Photographer Amyn Nasser.
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Featured Twilight At English Bay Vancouver - Gallery Curated ABC Group

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Featured Twilight At English Bay Vancouver - Gallery Curated ABC Group

Photographed on a late afternoon at twilight in the City of Glass, City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This shot on a clear crisp night from the top of the highrises looking out towards English Bay in the Pacific North West. Exposed for highlight detail the crisp luminous purple hues were further emphasized. Gear: Nikon D2X with 70-200 IF-ED VR lens and Manfrotto and Gitzo tripod gear. This was a one shot with no stitching. Mural sizes available 72 x 47.875 inches. A range of smaller sizes, frames, matt, photographic paper such as Metallic or Picture Rag brings further emphasize the detail and colours. Stretch Canvas prints, Acrylic, Wood Prints also available to custom sizes. Greeting cards, Totes and other gift ideas available.

Twilight At English Bay Vancouver

Gothic view of beautiful Yaletown and English Bay of City of Lights Vancouver Metropolis at sunset. 

No Watermark On Final Print Or Product. My images on this website are open editions. For Gallery Limited Editions printed to archival standards please inquire. 

Twilight At English Bay Vancouver - Photographer Amyn Nasser -
Size: 36.000 x 23.875 inches
Material: Glossy Finish Canvas
Frame: CF5 - Large Canvas Floater - Black (CF5)
Finish: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas Print - 1.5" Stretcher Bars - Black Sides


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